PT. MIR ENGINEERING is a Company certified by the Indonesian Oil & Gas Authority (MIGAS), qualifies to perform inspections & certifications based on all relevant international codes and standards.

With qualified and professional teams who are ready and commit to provide the best services to our customers. We are on going process for LEEA Development member, ISO 9001 : 2015, DNV & other certification. 

Triggered of Nation Children's dream to answer problems, challenge, and set on the high standar system in Aviation and Oil Gas Industry. By Capturing potential market domesticaly and regionally to give the best quality of maintenance and inspection.

We, "MIR" like to bring forward the Great Indonesia "MAJULAH INDONESIA RAYA" to be the expertise in the field to work for Indonesia.

By the Grace of The God, in November 2011 PT. MIR Engineering is established and granted by Director General of Civil Aviation as Approved Maintenance Organization as SPecified in the OPSPEC no.145/84200. And Register Letter from DIRJEN MIGAS No. 0791/SKT-03/SMT/2012.


to be the utmost partner in the inspection, maintenance and engineering


to provide customer's solution in the field of aviation, fabrication and oil-gas industry.

Our Certification

LEEA UPDATE 1510-2016