Conducting Inspection and Testing for Lifting Equipment, to ensure that all the lifting equipment proper and safe to use

  • NDT and Advance NDT Service

    Using some method of NDT to conduct the proper inspection depends on the need and material

  • NDT Training

    We deliver professional training of NDT by qualified ASNT NDT LEVEL III

  • Testing Certification

    Publish Certificate of Testing to conformance that the lifting equipment or tools are passed and safe to use

  • Technical Inspection Services
    Technical Inspection Services

    We concern to serve high quality standard of technical inspection services for common Industry and Oil & Gas sector


    Load Test up to 100 Ton


    Any mechanical malfunctions or whatever needs to be analyzed and we have personnel capable of this task well and standards


    We serve ndt to the structure, construction, fabrication and other products


    As the rapid needs of the all sector industry, We can serve many various specific testing e.g Load Test of Structure, it became one of methods to verify the expected unit.

  • Water Bag Rental Service
    Water Bag Rental Service

    Supporting to supply water bag rent service to fill up support needs of proof load testing on the Offshore or Onshore facility, also in the others industry according to the needs.

  • Wire Tension Measurement
    Wire Tension Measurement

    A method is described for measuring the tension of a wire, We can adjust the tension of the wire rope instalation to be made to a specific value required according to the standard

LiftingVarious lifting equipments use in the oil and gas industry possess its own danger that could lead to catastrophic chain of events. Lifting equipment can be subjected to operational and environmental conditions which may affect its safe working characteristics. Legislation therefore requires that lifting equipment is properly maintained and SAFE to operate at all times.

To ensure that, different international standards such as ASME, BS and DNV require it to be inspected at suitable intervals. Lifting equipment (sling, shackle, pad eyes, etc), sub-structure and rig are some from many oilfield equipments that has to be inspected and test against its maximum load capacity.

MIR Engineering is able to perform load test according to national and international applicable standard. The period between inspections depends on the utilization, environment or client requirements.